Different Ways to Control Pests


One of the ways that you can be able to control the pest is getting rid of their feeding ground source. Clean the grease, crumbs and all debris in your home, also the stored food has to be well sealed and the refrigerators regularly cleared and cleaned.  Also remove all the pet food that is left out and all the opened bags left in the garage or the laundry rooms.  The pet bowls have to be well cleaned because they can be a source of pest and so they have to well clean and put in a basin

with water to discourage the pest from breeding in them.

All the areas which are dumpy have to be well monitored as they can be habitable grounds for the pests.  The house gutters have to be clean from all the decomposing organic leaf matter and regularly cleaned.  Cleaning the home gutters will keep the pests away from your home.

All the pest homes have to be destroyed.  The storage areas where interior and exterior can be breeding homes for the pests.   Some of the areas that the pests can breed include the plastic airtight bins, and also places where you store firewood, therefore, they have to be well checked and cleaned.  Other areas that you can check is the garage and the attic areas, cardboard storage boxes can also be breeding areas.   The cupboards can be a perfect home for the pests because it is a food source and a breeding source for the pests and so it has to be well checked.

All the tree branches that are close to your home have to be trimmed and cut so that the pests cannot use them to craw in your home.  All the tree branches that are too close to your house should be well trimmed because they can be easy travelling means of pests and entry points into your house, and if you trim them this will keep the pests away. Know about Fort Lauderdale Exterminator here!


Seal all the entry points where you see the pests can easily use to get in your home.  Close all the entry areas so that the pests cannot have easy access to your house.

It is important that you use the pesticides wisely and also get to understand how they work and why so that you can eliminate the pests.  You have to understand which pesticides affect which pests and also get to know how to use them.   It is good that you understand how to use the pesticides because if not properly used they can cause injuries and damages to the surrounding and can even affect your domestic pets.   When you apply the wrong pesticides, and then wrong products and in the wrong areas will make the pests to multiply and scatter to other areas.

The licensed Fort Lauderdale Pest Control will know the pesticides to apply and for which category of the pest.


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